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Societat Doctor Alonso

El Traspiés de Luisa

Performance / Concert  -  Barcelona

Festival Complicitats 2008

︎Mercat de Les Flors

22/02 | 23:00

In “El Traspiés de Luisa”, a new creation by Societat Doctor Alonso, three dancers and one actress become “Las Luisa” a music band. They do not know how to play musical instruments, but they challenge themselves to learn how to play them in two months. 

Direction: Sofía Asencio
Dramaturgy: Tomas Aragay and Sofía Asencio
Musical-philosophical advise: Oscar Abril Ascaso
Performers: Mia Esteve, Iva Horvat, Idurre Azkue y Sofia Asencio
Stage design and lighting: CUBE. bz
Executive Producer: Elena De La Vara
Distribution: Marta Oliveres Management, M.O.M
Co-production Societat Doctor Alonso, Mercat de les Flors, La Friche Belle de Mai
With the support: Centre Cultural La Mercè

Societat Doctor Alonso is a performing arts group from Girona directed by Tomas Aragay (director and playwright) and Sofia Asencio (dancer and choreographer).

Sofia Asencio is a performer and choreographer. She graduated from the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. As a dancer, Asencio worked for several companies, including L'anónima Imperial, Angèls Margarit / Mudances, Vicente Saez, Cia ACTA and General Elèctrica. Since 2002 she co-directs with Tomàs Aragay, the company Societat Doctor Alonso, having collaborated to create the performances: Sobre la bellesa; Shopping bread; Santa Sofía, El solo d'una ignorant; Sobre la mort and more recently El traspiés de Luisa. Since 2004 Sofía shares the artistic direction of the association Cèl•lula and the festival Mapa with Ernesto Collado and Tomàs Aragay.

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