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Rami el Sabbagh
2mg of rotten blood on pure white snow

Video-Installation  -  Beirut

Festival Complicitats 2008


25/02 - 01/03 | 11:00-20:00 

Spanish Premiere

In the mid-80s, Beirut is at war. A group of young men wearing neat black clothing wander around the city by night. They occupy empty houses for a few hours and gather what they can of the furniture. In the darkness of the night, they move the goods to the mountains and sell them back to their owners. Each night after midnight, the young men meet in an empty movie theatre. There they watch films, smoke cigarettes, discus cinema, and receive orders from an older man. "I have one thing to tell you: one of these days, I am going to cut myself into dear little frames and feed them into a live transmission. Alive again."

Rami el Sabbagh  (Beirut, 1979) is a Lebanese video maker. He graduated from the Institute of Scenic and Audio-Visual Studies (IESAV), Saint Joseph University in Beirut, in 2004. His videos include 'C'est de ta faute, quelque part' (It's Somewhat Your Fault, 2003), '2mg of Rotten Blood on Pure White Snow', and 'The Last Hero' (2012). He is also a VJ since 2005 and a DJ since 2006.

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