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Néjib Ben Khalfallah


Dance / Performance   - Tunis

Festival Complicitats 2008

︎La Caldera, Barcelona

27/02 | 22:00  

Spanish Premiere

Néjib Ben Khalfallah is a Tunisian choreographer, dancer and actor. As an actor, he worked the director Raja Ben Ammar in 1992, joining the famous company El Teatro de Tawfiq Jebali in 1995, with which he travels around the world. In dance, he participates in several pieces of the choreographer Imed Jemaâ between 1991 and 1997, and the choreography "Nuit Blanche" won the international contest of Bagnolet in 1992. From 1996, he begins to create his own choreographies: "La Siesta" (1996), "Temps et Distance" (1997) and "Soupirs", which surprises the public at the Rencontre de la danse contemporaine en Méditerranée Arabe in 1999. "After his experiences with Imed Jemaâ, Hichem Rostom, the Phou Theatre and the Ballet de l'Opéra de Cairo, we were expecting a rich and dense solo," says the press. "But Néjib Ben Khalfallah presents an uninterpreted text, an unchoreographed presence, (...) thus denouncing the lack of means for dance, in a rather courageous attitude." "One cannot dance, so I will not dance", clarifies the choreographer.

Choreography and dancer: Néjib Ben Kalfallah
Technical Director: Sabri Attrousse
Music:  Tunisian traditional music
Costumes: Bahija Bem Salah
Support: Institut Français de Cooperation de Tunis

Néjib Ben Khalfallah worked as an actor with theatre-makers such as Raja Ben Ammar, Hichem Rostom, Tawfiq Jebali or as a dancer with choreographers Walid Aouni or Sara Jebrane. From 1991 onwards, he started to collaborate with the Tunisian choreographer Imed Jemaa on various fruitful collaborations such as "Mouvement et pensée" (1990); “Evolution” (1991), “Nuit Blanche” (1993) awarded at the Reencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Bagnolet-Paris; “Ken Maken” (1996), “Sans rien” (1997) and “Derrière le silence” (2004). Since 1993, Nejib Ben Khalfallah has been creating his choreographies, including ”La Sieste” (1996), “Temps et Distance” (1997), “Poussée” (2003), “Comment’ (2004) and “Mihayer Sika (2007). He has presented his works in Tunisia, Italy, Portugal, France and Slovenia.

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