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Nacera Belaza

Un an après... titre provisoire.

Dance -  Paris / Algiers

Festival Complicitats 2008

︎L’Estruch, Sabadell

20/02  | 21:30 

Spanish Premiere

Un an après... titre provisoire by Algerian choreographer Nacera Belaza seems to live in a fragile balance between timelessness and self-destruction. In her self-taught path, Nacera Belaza has developed a movement language all her own, where a certain re-approach to the country she left behind as a child is increasingly present. Not to folk dances as forms frozen in time, but to movement as a form of listening, intimately linked to Sufi dances. From silence comes Un an après... titre provisoire a piece of rare beauty.

Choreography Nacera Belaza
Dancers  Dalila Belaza, Nacera Belaza  
Light and Video Nacera Belaza
Technical Director  Lionel Mahé
Co-production Festival Montpellier Danse, Forum Culturel du Blanc-Mesnil
Support Centre National de la Danse, Point Ephémeré, Micadanse

Nacera Belaza was born in Algeria and has lived in France since the age of five. Her choreographical work is sourced from an inner journey. Repeated gestures, infinite slowness, stretching out time: her dance pieces explore movement as one might explore calm, deep, continuous breathing. After studying modern literature at the University of Reims, Nacera Belaza taught herself to dance and founded her own company in 1989. In her dance pieces, every element—light, space, time, the body—interact on the stage, developing their special scenography. Always travelling back and forth, Nacera Belaza’s company is based in France. Still, she has created an artistic cooperative in Algeria where she organises training and awareness-raising activities in contemporary art and dance in Algeria.

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