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Cristina Blanco 


Theater / Performance - Madrid

Festival Complicitats 2008

︎ La Caldera, Barcelona

28/02 | 21:00

A straightforward, thoroughly enjoyable distortion of everyday signs. cUADRADO - fLECHA - pERSONA QUE CORRE (translates as square-arrow-person running) introduces us afresh to the familiar signs and objects found on walls in public buildings the world over. Signs that we universally accept, such as “Exit”, “Alarm”, “Stairway”, and many others, are presented to us in a way that makes us think and smile, as we ask ourselves: who invented these signs? Why do we all know what they mean? How often do we even notice that they are there? Symbols and their place within the space and world around us are transformed and plucked out of context with humour and wit, turning a commonplace, the wall, into a new area, unique to itself, where stories take place - some of them absurd, others just tragic.

Created and performed by: Cristina Blanco
Production: Cristina Blanco
with the support of Aula de Danza “Estrella Casero” de Alcalá de Henares.
Photos: María Jerez
Thanks to: María Jerez, Cuqui Jerez, Jaime Conde Salazar, Extintores Caparros, Juan Dominguez

Cristina Blanco was born and lives in Madrid. Since 2003, she creates her own theatre, performance and film projects. Transforming codes and objects, mixing genres, live music, tricks of the eye, science fiction, and drawing attention to theatre mechanisms are crucial elements of her work as a maker. As a performer, she has worked with Xavier Le Roy, Cuqui Jerez and Juan Dominguez.

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