Cláudia Müller

Dança Contemporânea em Domicilio

Public Space - São Paulo

Festival Complicitats 2008

︎ Different locations in Barcelona (Orders: +34 93 318 87 87)

29/02  | 08:00-18:00

Spanish premiere

︎ Different locations in Gijón (Orders: +34 985 18 55 94)

05/03  | 08:00-18:00

"Dança Contemporânea ao Domicílio" (translates Contemporary Dance on Delivery) investigates the experience of "delivering" contemporary dance in everyday spaces: houses, offices, schools, or unnoticed locations in everyday life, like a car, a bus stop, the supermarket, etc. The idea of this project is to create an itinerant experience, as in the book "Temporary Autonomous Zones" by Hakim Bay: a nomadic performance that occupies a space-time and dissolves itself to be performed in another place and time before someone prevents it or labels it. A choreography in which concrete movements don't matter, and what matters are the experiences created in the encounter with its spectators.   

Cláudia Müller is an artist from São Paulo. She has developed various creations in the field of dance, performance and video. As a dancer, she has worked with Lia Rodrigues (1998 -2000), and since then, she has been developing her projects. She showed her pieces in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Spain and Portugal. Questions such as absence/presence, reality/fiction, the peripheries of traditional art spaces and the relationship between art and everyday life are constant interests in her work.  

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