Think Tank 

Thirteen artists and thought-leaders from different cultural and artistic backgrounds were invited to join us during the entire period of the festival. Together, they will immerse themselves in the performances, public talks and meetings of the festival, bringing their feedback and reflections to the discussion table. Each day, they will also meet within a think tank context to brainstorm together on various artistic, social and political topics brought by each one of the participants. 


Andrea Božić (Croatia / Netherlands) 
Andrea Fagarazzi (Italy) 
Ben Benaouisse (Algeria / Belgium)
Brahim Sourny (Morroco) 
Florent Delval (France)
Idoia Zabaleta (Spain) 
Jaime Conde Salazar (Spain) 
Karima Mansour (Egypt) 
Marcela Levi (Brazil) 
Masu Fajardo (Spain) 
Mekhitar Garabedian (Syria / Belgium) 
Sara Gebran (Denmark / Venezuela / Lebanon) 
Talin Büyükkürkciyan (Turkey)

Andrea Božić (HR/NL) is choreographer and artist based in Amsterdam. Her work is in-disciplinary and site-responsive and takes form of live performance, installation, site responsive constructions for specific locations, collaborations with the weather and night sky and other emergent formats. The work reorganizes perception combining conceptual with sensorial and physical, creates paradoxical situations and asks questions about attention and imagination, perception of presence, the politics of viewing, presentation of reality and the organisation and distribution of authorship.

Andrea Fagarazzi (IT) isvisual and performing artist.  His artistic research brought him to create different projects questioning the concepts of the corporeity, of the alterity on the human identity, using different medias like video, photography, sculpture and performance. 

Ben Benaouisse (BE) is a visual and performing artist. Essential to his works is his attempt to grasp political, religious and cultural patterns. His path is an atypical one, in which he explores diverse media without any academic training. His artistic oeuvre develops around the principle of appropriation. He tests the power of art in our times and investigates its role in our society. His conceptual interest finds a balance in the amazement and the pleasure of creation. 

Brahim Sourny (MA) lives and works in Morocco, and works as choreographer and visual artist. He is interested in developping art projects in social contexts. He has created several projects with professional and non-professional artists in Morocco and conducted training workshop destinated to the youth. 

Florent Delval (FR) After studying literature and then cinema at the university (studying Sound Poetry among other topics), Florent Delval worked ten years as an independent writer and critic in the French (Mouvement, Art21, Noise), Belgian (Art Même, Flux News, Nouvelles de Danse) and international press, covering at first the experimental music field and then contemporary dance, theatre and art. In the early 2000, he founded the music label called Even Stilte, dedicated to experimental and noise music.

Idoia Zabaleta (ES)  specialized in ecosystems and dynamics of populations in the Faculty of Biology, and she has also studied dance. Since 2000, she has been creating her artistic creations in dialogue with other artists and thought-leaders.

Jaime Conde-Salazar (ES) was born in Madrid, Spain on February 23, 1974. He received his degree in Geography and History (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) in 1997. He did his MA in Performance Studies (NYU, 2002). From time to time he writes about performing arts for various publications. Thanks to his endlessly generous family, he does not work and he is not a productive citizen. Nowadays he lives in a crossroad waiting for an epiphany to happen.

Karima Mansour (EG) stands out as one of the most preeminent contemporary choreographers in Egypt today. Having completed her studies in dance in Italy and Londonl, she returned to Egypt and created her own company Maa’t for Contemporary Art. Since then she has been developing her own works as a choreographer.

Marcela Levi  (BR)  is a choreographer and performer from Rio de Janeiro. Since 2002 she has been creating and touring her own works win various festivals and venues in Latin America and Europe. Levi  worked as a performer with artists  such as Lia Rodrigues, Vera Mantero, Guillermo Gomez-Peña, among others.

Masu Fajardo (ES) is a young choreographer from the Canarian Islands, currently living in Barcelona. She has been developing her own works since 2002.  She has worked with independent choreographers such as Carmelo Salazar, Bea Fernandez and Olga Mesa. 

Mekhitar Garabedian (Syria / Belgium) deploying a variety of media such as drawing, video, photography and installations, many of Mekhitar Garabedian’ s works draw from his experience as an immigrant and play on the humour and poetic qualities he finds between languages, cultures and histories. Just as his personal diasporic history is layered, his work echoes with a multiplicity of references to literature, music, philosophy and visual arts.

Sara Gebran (DK/VZ/LB) is a choreographer and performer. She is busy experimenting ways to work between theories and practices, in common, and as open source. She has shown works internationally since 1994 until the present.

Talin Büyükkürkciyan (TK) is an independent choreographer and performer living and working in Istanbul.  In her artistic worj, she develops defined performative concepts that use twists in perception creating pieces that are poetic, humorous, intimate and political at the same time.

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