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Adva Zakai  
For a few seconds, you maybe really were yourself & When I laugh, it looks like this  

Dance / Performance -  Tel Aviv / Amsterdam

Festival Complicitats 2008

︎La Caldera, Barcelona

21/02  | 21:00

Spanish Premiere

For a few seconds, you maybe really were yourself (2005), and When I laugh, it looks like this (2006) are a part of a series of works that deal with the search for a physical representation of changes in self-perception and body-image in different contexts. In her explorations of "human camouflage", Zakai explores the tension between the seemingly contradicting needs of the self: on the one hand, the need to conserve ones' individuality and, on the other, the need to blend into the accepted definitions of the human landscape. She attempts to lose and redo her physical form. She plays with the controlled and spontaneous unfolding of movements wherein the stage becomes an imaginary landscape of necessary actions, situations and feelings. The relations between seeing, seeming, believing and being are the common threads of the two solos.

Dance and choreography: Adva Zakai
Advice: Marijke Hoogenboom, Shila Anaraki, Andrea Bozic
Research assistants: Katja Dreyer, David Hendrickx
Light: Peter Castelijn, Mijke van der Drift
Production: DWA/Dans Werkplaats Amsterdam

Adva Zakai (Israel, 1975) has lived and worked in Holland since 1998, both as a dance maker and performer. She has produced her work since 2002 and took part in ACE – a two-year residency for choreographers at DWA/Dans Werkplaats Amsterdam. Her work is presented in festivals and theatres in many countries. She studied at the Mime School Amsterdam.

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